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Just imagine, you’re tossing around a BAZILLION ideas, projects, and goals, but they never seem to get off the ground.

And you’re working your bum off, and yes, there’s a hint of riches, romance, happiness, and success, but something is wanting?

Oh, sweet unicorn, I know. It’s not easy being a sensation!

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have in your corner, a knockout coach to help you deliver that one-two-three punch, rake in Oscar worthy accomplishments, shed distractions, and instead, focus on your true north as you grow, grow, grow?


Because, I’m offering a 6 month (one-on-one) coaching program for 8 people (only) who will be a part of my ultra-exclusive-radically-cool-posse.


For 6 richly productive and audaciously creative months, we’ll go on a trip fantastic where you get to play a bigger game – and where you get to live and experience a bigger version of yourself.

Basically, it’s all been done before but not – and this is important — in precisely the way that we can do it together.

I’m inviting you to show up at your very best and engage in something that transforms your world. (Think projects that take your breath away and a daily life practice that gives you something to brag about.)


:: A Bakers Dozen: THIRTEEN 1-on-1 calls (or table/Skype sessions) to be used anytime during our 6 months together.

You want structured weekly sessions? Great.
You feel like working intensively in a makeshift lab for 60 days? Game on.
You need a few weeks off? No problem.
You have a monster project on your plate and need to move things fast forward? SNAP.


THE INSIDE GAME: Exploring personal empowerment and refining your life’s work from a radically cool mindset. Because it’s all mindset!


THE OUTSIDE GAME: Mastering your time, building community, designing wow projects, and opening doors so that you can step boldly into new territory and take the world by storm.

:: Hey, so you want to perform on Broadway, bike ride through Thailand, or build an empire, totally reasonable.

:: And while doing so let’s make sure you’re tapped into your superpowers so that you feel engaged in all areas of your life.

YOU’LL ALSO RECEIVE: MONDAY prompts, FRIDAY check ins, and LOVE BOMBS too. This way we stay in touch between sessions and keep you on track.

Plus, goal vitamins and off-the-radar, highly customized escapades. (Coffee dates, mini experiments, good life rituals and fieldtrips) are frequently called upon.

WHAT THIS ISN’T: This is not about saving or fixing you. If you’re looking for an amazing system that turns five minutes of work into big $$$$ you’ve got the wrong gal and a misguided adventure.

The cost for the program is ($1500 to be paid in 6 monthly installments.) That’s $250 for 6 months. Yup, THAT’S IT. $116.00 per session for the whole GORILLA! Most coaching programs of this value and scale cost upwards of $6000.00 BUT, it feels so good and right to make sure you’re not mortgaging your world for life coaching.

So, if you’re ready & willing to embark on this creative adventure – and you’re ready to explode your life in 2018 – and you’re ready to snag more wins & gratification than ever before, write to me here.

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