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I am writing with a big announcement. One that I hope you’ll join me (with or without spiked eggnog — your call.)

6 action packed months, I’ll take you on a private (and epic!) journey to live a bigger version of yourself.


A Bakers Dozen: THIRTEEN 1-on-1 calls (or table/Skype sessions) to be used anytime during our 6 months together.

THE INSIDE GAME: Exploring personal empowerment and refining your life’s work from a radically cool mindset. Because it’s all mindset!

THE OUTSIDE GAME: Mastering your time, building community, designing wow projects, and opening doors so that you can step boldly into new territory and take the world by storm.

YOU’LL ALSO HAVE: Unlimited email access with weekly prompts and check ins. This way we stay in touch between sessions and keep you on track.

WHAT THIS ISN’T: This is not about saving or fixing you. If you’re looking for an amazing system that turns five minutes of work into big $$$$ you’ve got the wrong gal and a misguided adventure.

While I’m committed to creating experiences for all budgets and time frames this mentorship is for creative people who are ready to invest + commit. The cost for the program is ($1500 to be paid in 6 monthly installments) that’s $250 for 6 months | or $116.00 per session. Yup, THAT’S IT for the whole SHEBANG! This radically low price is not offered on my site and will disappear (poof!) into thin air in 21 days.


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