The Way of the Demo and Exciting Experiments

|| WORD || Our love grows for everything we give attention to. Don’t look at life with a fleeting glance. Observe it with full intensity. ~ Jerry Corstens

|| THE WAY OF THE DEMO: Also Know As, Exciting Experiments ||

If you want to mix curiosity into your work, your life, and your art, start by setting aside time and by giving yourself permission to amp up your intense desire to know.

1. Keep a list of questions.

2. Build, model, and sketch ideas.

3. Yep, do little tests.

4. Make it up as you go.

5. Tinker, toy, and improve on concepts.

6. Turn an idea into a crappy rough demo.

Demos are exciting experiments.
Demos are shoestring efforts that epitomize a different way.
Demos are palpable proof that seriously cool change is happening.
Demos are what you tell stories about.

You can dissect and dry run just about anything; a new product, a dance move, a personal goal, a civic movement, or a new service.

So, hey Unicorns! If there is something in your life that you want to build, something that will give you a new perspective – or something in your art that you’d love to explore in a new way – then do it.

YES. Do your own version. Get wild. This week. Break it apart. Remix the pieces into something new.

No filter needed.

Just a little rehearsal.

This is what animates our passion and this is what gives us permission to act.

|| AS IT IS || Stand more. Sit less. Also go outside. #happy ~ good tweetin’ by Mark Duplass


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