3 Goals in 30 Days

Thomas Leonard, the late great, life coaching, grand pooba, regularly said, starting something is easier than stopping. Makes sense.

Stopping is a stand-still, hands-tied approach. It’s about doing without. *Yawn*

Where as starting has a break through- bursting out effect. It gives you something to look forward to. Kind of like a piece of cake.

As I see it, all goals fall into two categories. Either they’re DULL or they’re COOL.

For instance:
DULL GOAL = Stop Smoking (Important but uninspiring and HARD)
COOL GOAL = Enter the non-smoking, breath-easy zone. (Mmm, interesting?)

Well, we already know what you can’t do in the non-smoking zone. But the possibilites of what you can do are limitless:

30 days of yoga
30 days of drinking 8 daily glasses of  h20
30 days of greening your diet
30 days of early morning walks
30 days of juicing
30 days of giving free hugs
30 days of keeping a gratitude journal
30 days of being your most beautiful self
30 days of howling at the moon and dancing with the stars

Or a combination of all the above and more.

Let’s be clear. The stop smoking goal is to the point. Smokers, should definitely stub out. But the dull goal is sluggish and boring. And the cool goal is dynamic and all encompassing. It includes stopping and starting. And it’s interesting.


VELOCITY. WOW! How cool is that!

Even my pal Sticky is kicking the dull goal habit and switching to cool.

You know what else is seriously cool. I’m celebrating my BIRTHDAY this month with a deep discount on the All NEW 3 GOALS in 30 DAYS workshop.

See Sticky get stuff done and then check out this awesome time sensitive offer.

And keep in mind Einsteins:
Dull Goals = Dull You
Cool Goals = Cool You


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