Happiness Booster #1 – The Booty Swing

I’m smitten with the BOOTY SWING – its a fresh and cheeky dance shuffle.

So, I push the furniture against the wall and cut a rug; and because the way it moves and makes me smile – I’m posting it as the first in a series of HAPPINESS BOOSTERSa recurring spotlight on pleasurable and meaningful things.

DJ and musician – Parov Stelar is the founding daddy of a new genre called “electro swing” – a one off combination of house music and downtempo_shuffle.

As it happens, in the midst of forging and creating, Stelar proclaims his techno mash-up to be an accident.

“I always loved these old cracklin’ tunes of the 30´s – and 15 years ago I produced minimal and techno tunes – so why not blend them. Also Mr Scruff’s “Get A Move On ” inspired me.”

BOOTY SWING Shuffle with Josy Carver

Ginger and Fred!

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