You can work & play with me if …

: You have an amazing project that you want to finish (or, uh, start.)


: You don’t have an amazing project in mind (yet!) but you’re feeling hungry for reinvention and you’re ready to implement a goal or two.

The basic nuts & bolts …

I work with clients locally (in NYC) and not-locally over the phone or skype, all over the world.

I use an evidence-based, crazy effective coaching process that feels like stepping into a laboratory where astonishing things happen, daily.

I have helped thousands of people improve their quality of life, develop strategies, be more creative, set better goals, succeed in business, AND bring amazing projects to life.

High re-invention projects like: books, inspired presentations, radical business plans, product rough drafts + prototypes, theatrical pieces, show biz careers, life journeys, pre + post grad school stuff, art | photo | dance exhibits and grand openings & launches of every conceivable flavor.

Without further ado … here’s how we can work & play together.

Love & logistics. (see more) ›

Love & logistics. (see more) ›

Love & logistics. (see more) ›


Results, rewards, reactions, rave reviews …
(aka: people saying really nice things about working with me)


I have been waiting my whole life to have someone teach me how to get and stay motivated. I will never forget this class. ~ Lucinda, Fall Intensive


Sometimes a single thank you just isn’t enough. I’m headed to GA State in the Fall!!! Your guidance and coaching helped me face my fears and realize the only thing holding me back was me. You so rock. I’m now following my dreams. ~ Tanja


Just a quick shout out to Janice Hoffmann for incredible personal and career advice in recent weeks. She’s brilliant, truly. ~ Phil, 3 Sessions in 30 Days


This course has been so empowering and motivating. Thank you, you’re freaking awesome. ~The Morning Class


I just had to text you and let you know that between our session yesterday and ‘just doing it’ today, I miraculously made $3600.00. How’s that for manifestation.~ Anna, 9 Goals In 90 Days


It’s not cookie cutter, it’s your humanity, your creativity being channeled into this act of invention in a very special, personal and customized way. ~ Erin, Creative Trails


Thank you for everything. Your devotion to the stuff inside a person that can catapult a life is mind-bending. -Evan, Career Mentoring Workshop


You are a miracle worker. I woke after a restless night…now you have given me hope. And a beautiful plan. And a warm heart filled with direction. ~ Jessica, NYC Field Trips


Thank you for teaching me the importance of reflection, investigation, goal-setting and savoring all that is good. I am inspired by you. ~ Lauren


Janice Hoffmann’s presentation ‘TIME OF YOUR LIFE’ was my favorite part of the day. -Monthina, Volunteer Management Conference, NYC


Thank YOU for all your help in making my BIG goal happen! OMG the evening was so amazing that when it was over, I felt like I understood everything about my life, and I guess you could say, my raison d’être. ~ Gioia


Janice delivers her wisdom and the insight you really need to hear with the sweetest words and kindest heart. She expertly helps you add structure and productivity to your days all while amping up the joy in your life and business. Most significantly, she listens from a place of compassion and understanding, sharing her rare and powerful gift of truly HEARING the human behind the words. My hope is that everyone be blessed with a person like Janice in their lives, though truthfully she is one of a kind.~ Cherice, Savor The Success Mastermind


First I was afraid, then inspired, and finally disappointed to see it end. ~ Judith, Creative Trails


Master Life Coach

Certification in Postive Psychology

Coach Of The Year
Coach Of The Year #1