I believe that goals are more delightful (and do-able) when paired with coffee — or wine.

You can meet with me for a leisure coffee or wine date — face-to-face in NYC, the Hudson Valley, or over the phone/Skype.

We can break your amazing project into micro steps, zero in on some positivity boosters and creative strategies, or chart an in-depth and detailed trail map for the next year of your life & career.

And just so you know: I’m freakishly good at spotting future-trends. Including what’s next / hot / vital / meaningful, for you & your work.

You’ll bring:
:: An empty notebook.
:: A recording app to relive all the bloomin’ insights.
:: A curious mind and an open heart.

I’ll provide the coffee and wine – and some savory treats too …

One date = $250 for me and $10,000 worth of ideas and do-it-now steps, for you. (What a deal!)

To make a date, write to me. We’ll chat & set it up. Simple as that.

“Your name was on the big screen in our “special thanks” on Friday, I wish we could’ve frozen time and snapped a photo. Thank you, thank you for all you do!” ~ Lauren


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