Goals, Goals, Goals (and making ‘em happen)

Goals are not evil. Goals are pretty sexy. Goals get a bad rap … but I’d like to change all that.


If you’ve got an idea … or a creative project, or a life focus that needs to be simplified & spliced into remarkable wins, earnings, rituals + triumphs … we can work & play together for 30-90 mind-blowing days.

 It all starts with a virtual coffee date, to prioritize your goals in order of importance and ease.

Then, it’s GO time.

You’ll get an inspired-new assignment from me with weekly prompts and check-ins. This way we stay in touch between sessions and keep you on track. AND we’ll ‘meet’ twice a month, all of it getting you closer to sweet, sweet completion.

You’ll be gobsmacked at how amazing you feel — and how much you can accomplish — when you use the big questions, romance the details, and learn how to build, build, build on your natural strengths, instead of fighting against ‘em.

Ready to go ga-ga for goals? Write to me and say hello. Or download this free easy guide.

We’ll chat. Set it up. #Boom.

See you at the starting line!


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