HAPPINESS BOOSTER # 7: The Art of Savoring

|| WORD || I don’t spend time wondering what might be next; I just focus on trying to savor every day. ~ Trisha Yearwood

One of my absolute favorite happiness interventions is the art of savoring positive things. The more you savor the stickier things get inside your brain and the more lasting and more positive it’s impact.

Creating a POSITIVE PORTFOLIO is one way to savor positive experiences. It’s intended to be a verbal, visual, and auditory collection of materials that make you feel something deeply, whether it’s joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe, or love.

Maybe you’ve got a huge month in front of you with projects and travel and work and health related stuff – savoring more could really help.


Select a particular mental state that will positively impact and support your life right now. Decide on a mental state, an attitude, or a feeling that you would like to embrace and experience more often.

What are you curious about? Take time to consider the things that move and interest you.

Curate all that is relevant:
objects and good words that can be included in your positive portfolio.

Once you’ve gathered everything, place your collection on your phone, on Instagram, in a blank journal, or whatever container works best for you.

Keep it somewhere you can appreciate and savor regularly and update whenever needed.

This is the day to be glad.

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