Rehearsing The Future

Feel the quiet space you now occupy, fully relaxed – yet potent – like the atmosphere right before the morning sun rises.
Very peaceful.
And very quiet.
The dawn of a new day. Charged with possibility.

Take the time to feel this very quiet, receptive space that you live in and fill, and know that this very space is full of creative energy.
It’s fiercely tender.

Here you can imagine and create possibilities – for this quiet space that you now occupy is changing, influential, and very powerful.

Feel yourself being very deserving of all that you desire. All that you would like to occur.
Familiarize yourself with the best of possibilities.
Energize and invite the universe to play in your heart space and imagination. What would you like to have occur and how would you like to feel?

Notice signs, messages, inklings; notice what you need to do to bring these energies into your life, in a way that feels good to yourself and all those around you.

Make agreements with yourself about what you’re willing to do to bring all this into the world.

And know that in experiencing it first in this way, rehearsing it in your mind, you have energized it with the best of intentions – for consciousness is a magnetic energy.

It is simple. Today, you are drawn toward circumstances that resonate with the good qualities you imagine. Believe in an extraordinary future. Let the light unfold.


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