Shed. It. Baby.

When we’re stuck on a particular outcome, and attached to only one way of doing and seeing things, we begin to suffer.


That shiny new object you just put on your credit card, how’s that working for you?

You know that box you’ve been carting from apartment to apartment, and how about that attitude?

Be it sugar, social media, or mindset – it’s good to question your comfortable assumptions.

What’s broken?
What’s past its due date?
What’s in the way and slowing you down?

Get fiercely curious.

If something in your world doesn’t fit (the house is too big and the clothes are too small)

mo’ stuff. mo’ problems.

shed. it. baby.

Because less ‘stuff’ means less distraction, less debt, less trash, less noise, less stress, and more happiness.


Consider making a shed pledge… Yep.

Last year, I gave up hedging. Just like that.

This year, I pledge to let go of alcohol, magazine stacks, and days without sunshine.

Get still.
Put it all back into question.
Think of 3 things you’ll shed and then fill in this pledge

No Mo’ Extra!

I pledge to shed:

1. ______
2. ______
3. ______

Don’t you feel lighter already?

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