Kicking So-So and Ho-Hum To the Curb

Unstoppable- kick-a$$ goals. These are the kinds of projects that inspire us to spring out of bed at the crack of dawn. They make us smile and they take our breath away. But they demand that we get off our bum, stretch who we are, and step outside our comfort zone. Which is *gasp* uncomfortable.

Good News: You can power up a goal 2 to 10 x more simply by adding more structure; such as a checklist or a deadline. Bundle them together and remarkable things get done.

I’ve got lists of structures.

But one of my all time favorite and often overlooked and underused SUPER-structures is nature and the changing seasons of the year.

Name it. Feed it. Tease it.

Winter: is a cold-darker season and is natures way of slowing things down.
Spring:: is connected to rebirth and is a period of rejuvenation.
Summer: is a time of warmth, extended outdoor activity and recreation.
Fall: is a sign of change.

Despite record breaking snowfall, the light is cracking in, and spring is sure to follow. And what I LOVE to do is lean into the change and use the seasons as a source of inspiration.

Motivate Thyself.

1. Pablo Picasso did what he couldn’t do, in order to learn how to do it. Spring + summer loves a beginners mind – open, eager, and willing to explore. One percent daily innovation over a hundred days = 100% innovation. Sweet.

2. Say no to “so, so and ho hum.” Ditch the black and sneak in a bit of shimmering seasonal pink. Or be willing to bend. In photo class shooting at eye level is considered dull as dishwater – as is business-as-usual. But, twisting a project to the left, picking up the pace, doubling a goal, and working-the-edge is pink . Business Guru, Tom Peters, suggests that we hang out with weird in order to become more weird.

3. Raid the pantry: Dump the old spices. Toss out the mysterious condiments. Junk the white sugary stuff and make room for green, fresh, seasonal fare. Then knock yourself out by eating a lot less AND living a lot longer.

4. Shake your booty. Infuse high energy into your daily routine. Inside-out exercise is the #1 spring primer. You’ll sleep better, improve your mood, strengthen your immune system, build muscle, and burn unwanted calories. Sweat, sweat, sweat. Happy, happy, happy. I’ve got a new-used bike and I’m hitting the trail and hope to ride 100 miles by the start of spring. And I just met my 100th day of a.m. YOGA. Whats your booty call?

5. Plant Seeds. First in mind: Picture one extraordinary thing that you want for yourself or the world. Second in effort: Take a single daily action for 30 days. Psychologist Lee Pulos, says 75% mental and 25 % physical is the optimal way to prepare.

6. Think rituals. The earth is greening and people the world over celebrate the feeling of optimism with everything from bonfire dancing to deep cleaning routines.

Springtime is a catalyst.

Go shake off the chill. Go wake up your daily routines. Go way out there beyond the place you’re used to living. I say, go-go-go blow your horn. Go wear a fancy hat. And go boldly into spring.


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