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Subject: I come bearing cupcakes

I was gifted a scholarship to study Positive Psych with the Wholebeing Institute at Kripalu. Ah-mazing.

And then I bundled that awesomeness into a wow-worthy workshop that debuted in Arizona.

It’s an intersection of THE HOW OF HAPPINESS and the ART of setting RADICALLY COOL GOALS – melting together your strengths in pursuit of a wondrous, inventive, and beautiful life … kind of like tapping into your super-powers.

I call it the POWER OF WOW.

THE power of wow #2 photo

My dream? To bring the spirit of building WOW projects to three or four more spaces + places in NYC and across America.

Eventually, the world.

Yo, maybe, your space + your place?

The vision? Me + 4 – 20 happiness seekers – curled up in your space for a morning (or afternoon) filled with unabashed creativity, cupcakes + seriously cool goal creation.

It’s absolutely incredible what can happen when you place yourself in an accelerated creative container for a single day.

Participants will walk away with the permission to kick the lame goal habit. To be radically more creative and to transform the quality of life + business success from the center of happiness.

AND, you’ll get a BLUEPRINT of practices that seamlessly work into your everyday life … like vitamins for the soul.

I hope this feels like a possible maybe – or even a ‘yes-oh-yes.’

If so, let’s chat.

:: xo + gratitude – Janice


“Discovering WOW projects! It will be a theme for my life… and the stuff of HAPPINESS. OMG, life-changing concepts in a 2-hour workshop–THANK YOU!”
~ Nancy