The 10 Steps To Be Fulfilled | A Personal Path Program

|| WORD || You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now. ~ Wayne W. Dyer

|| DAILY PROMPT ||Fulfillment comes from expressing yourself fully and feeling the impact it has on others and yourself.

When Experiencing Fulfillment, A Person Is:
Creating something
Full, proud, pleased
Engaged and enjoying it
Profoundly impactful

What Happens Until A Person Gets Here:
Looking for meaning in life
Making lots of “decisions”
Making lots of changes

The 10 Steps To Be Fulfilled
Start coming from what is vs shoulds, coulds, oughtas and wants
Do the m.a.x.i.m.u.m
Have a vision or a project that leaves the legacy you want
Do what comes natural to you
Master something, anything, but experience being at your best
Learn the difference between accomplishments and results
Honor your inner feelings, desires, and inklings completely
Build something vs winging it and randomly creating
Hang out with people who are fulfilled or well on their path
Make the most of what you already have

|| LOVE BOMB || You are a force of nature.

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