A decade ago, I stumbled on Sabrina Ward Harrison’s gorgeous journals SPILLING OPEN and BRAVE ON THE ROCKS.

Each page is a visual short hand of thoughts, quotations and lists. A mash-up of carbon copies, sketches, drawings and notes. Paint on top of fabric, on top of paper, on top of ink – exposing a curious story – everything from love lost to lost words.

Brave On The Rocks by Sabrina Ward Harrison

” I like to sit here quietly just holding my journal and gazing out to sea… The book would speak of my ulcers and what it took to heal myself.”


There’s a whole world of journal makers – re-mixing and smashing art.

LIVING THE CREATIVE LIFE by Rice Freeman-Zachery is one such book that I found in a remanent pile – a compilation of how working artists do it.

Wendy Huhn~

“I’m a believer in journaling and have been keeping journals since 1975. I write down an idea, make a few thumbnail sketches. Then I start gathering imagery.”

Mixed Media by Claudine Hellmuth

“Usually if I have an idea I want to remember, I write it on a post-it note. I also stick lots of paper and tape to my works while they are in process, reminding me of what I was thinking next for the piece. That way, when I comeback the next day, I know where I left off.”

Mixed Media Art by Linda Woods

“I keep a journal for sketching things, and I write down phrases or words I want to use in a pieces later. I keep swatches of colors, textures and images. My journal is a place for me to keep my thoughts and little reminders.”


THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION – JOURNALS of DAN ELDON : The personal notebooks of a young photographer who was stoned to death in Somalia in July 1993 is both supernatural and soulful.

(In the margins he penciled) “Look for solutions, not problems.”



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