The Icons Of Summer



My friend dubbed last summer’s smoking hot Millennium/Girl With A Dragon Tattoo series, book on crack. I happen to be in her camp and found all 3 books addictive. The summer before, I finished Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy, a deeply, intense series that I started years ago. And this year, I’m relying on some of the heavies for their summer reading know-how, on lists that I love here here and here. Without a doubt, the how to get your biz done book, is temporarily on ice, while I chill out with summers’ best of fiction.


As my work load surges, I’ve learned to take advantage of the long gorgeous days of summer. I pack a lunch, a camera, and a frisbee. Hop a bus, a subway, or a train, to a nearby, not very expensive, and often in my own backyard, trail, park, pier, lake, beach, church, castle, garden and vineyard. The list is endless and the one day get away is an easy, super charged, change of scenery, get your trek on adventure.


Free museums, outdoor movies, theatre in the park, music under the stars, rooftop cocktails, hot dog eating contests, flea and farmers markets and everything in between. Any local newspaper worth its salt has a hot summer guide listing the best of with a pick of the bunch summer food, festivals, and culture.


For me a beach trip to Coney Island or a kayak run on the Hudson River is the happiest of summer pleasures. I frequently go for morning laps at nearby hotel swimming pool, and recently on a hottie hot day with my 8 yr. old pal, we were quick to throw down our bum at The Highline’s new little stream of water . Also, keep tabs on your 8×8 easy to remember guide for consuming 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water daily. Dip in and drink up.


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