The Upside Of Getting It Wrong

Information is not enough.
A friend of a friend posted a litany of facebook do’s + don’ts followed by a flurry of unfriendly crack.

Over on Twitter a wit and a rogue suggests we make friends with our crazy voice because we’ll be sitting with that b*tch for a long time…the retweets flow.


It’s a mugs game.

And no matter what you make or do there’ll be lovers and there’ll be haters.

I’ve lost track of the times that I’ve hit send only to discover wonky comma’s and spelling mishaps.

Failed launches?


An imperfect execution?

You bet.

Putting something out in the world with rough edges can make a girl wanna curl under a blanket and wait it out till spring.

“Hey, don’t mind me, I’m gonna grab some popcorn, take a seat in the bleachers, and watch while other people do.”

Ahem, sorry, but, no thanks.

Because nothing remarkable or awe-inspiring happens when sitting in the stands.

And self-confidence, dear Unicorns, this too can be arranged.

So, a note to all fellow seekers + makers + movers + shakers

If you really want to change something…

Or you’re eager to move it forward…

And you’d love to manifest that thing…

Then tap into your inner rebel or embrace your merciful id and come up with a few rules for implementation.

Productivity pros claim we need no fewer than fifty strategies.

If this feels excessive here’s five of my own.

And don’t worry about putting it out there with elements of crappiness.

Evangelist Guy Kawasaki raves that the first version of innovation is seldom perfect – and if you wait until everything is perfect


The End.


Ready to go ga-ga for goals?

Write to me and say hello.

We’ll chat. Set it up. Boom.

Sometimes a single thank you just isn’t enough. I’m headed to GA State in the Fall!!! Your guidance and coaching helped me face my fears and realize the only thing holding me back was me. You so rock. I’m now following my dreams. ~ Tanja





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