Three Blessings

I’m back in ‘school’.

Just recently, I was awarded a scholarship to attend the 10 month certification in Positive Psych at Kripalu. It’s a full blown immersion and discovery of wellbeing-fullfillment-purposeful engagement-positive attitude-and happiness.

Pinch me.

I’m already bursting with micro ideas and today the thing that I heard and loved is that happiness makes us successful. And that small positivity boosters are an effective way for us to flourish and thrive; especially in areas of work, relationships and health.

I’ve always been a fan of gratitude journals and in that spirit the “Three Blessings” exercise is a best-loved positivity prompt.

Count Your Blessings

Every night for the next week set aside 10 minutes before you go to sleep.
Write down 3 things that went well and why they went well.
It can be anything, really simple things. Nothing earthshaking.

It doesn’t take much time and little by little this nightly ritual creates a shift in focus – generating a state of gratitude and positive emotions.

Go all out. Breathe in and absorb what went well.


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