Your Karma Rocks

In a time when almost all communication is done through email, text messaging, Twitter and FB – the handwritten note has never felt more deliberate or more dear.


But a handwritten note is rare.


According to the U.S. Postal Service people get one personal letter every other month.

(if that)

Writing a personal note or a letter is an invitation to express ourselves in our own particular way; perhaps no other style of communication is quite so good for this purpose.

(this came in the mail today.)

Plus, writing things down is transformational – and the act of sending a message byway of another – delivery promised (snow, rain, or heat) – is nearly shamanistic – and definitely a sweet act of grace.


When was the last time you sat down and hand-wrote a letter – simply unraveling your thoughts and making your wishes known?

Next time you think about sharing a quote or rushing off a late night meditation through social media – consider slowing it down with some paper and ink – and if you’re so inclined play it forward by including something extra, something special…

w. a lick of a handwritten poem by Lola.

a poetic stanza
a cheeky story
a rough guide

or just a good ol’ fashion, ‘thinking of you kid’.

– No matter what –

the handwritten alternative

penned from love (I heart you so hard)
blessed with hugs and kisses (xo)

rocks your karma…


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