Coffee & Wine Dates

I believe that goals are more delightful (and do-able) when paired with coffee — or wine.

You can meet with me for a leisure coffee or wine date — face-to-face on Zoom or over the phone.


We can break your amazing project into micro steps, zero in on some positivity boosters and creative strategies, or chart an in-depth and detailed trail map for the next 3-6 months of your life.

And just so you know: I’m freakishly good at spotting future-trends. Including what’s next / hot / vital / meaningful, for you & your work.

You’ll bring:
:: An empty notebook.
:: A recording app to relive all the bloomin’ insights.
:: A curious mind and an open heart.

One date = $300.00 for me and $10,000 worth of ideas and do-it-now steps, for you. (What a deal!)

To make a date, write to me. We’ll chat & set it up. Simple as that.


SPOT Session


Energize and get back on track.

A rough blueprint.

3 Quick Wins : Something you can accomplish today, tommorow, and the next day 🙂


One date = $300.00 for me and $10,000 worth of ideas and do-it-now steps, for you. (What a deal!)

WOW Projects and Radically COOL Goals

You can work & play with me if …

You have an amazing project that you want to finish (or, uh, start.)


You don’t have an amazing project in mind (yet!) but you’re feeling hungry for reinvention and you’re ready to implement a goal or two.

The basic nuts & bolts …

I work with clients locally (in NYC) and not-locally over the phone or zoom, all over the world.


If you’ve got a personal goal … or a creative project that needs to be simplified & spliced into fresh takes and wins … we can work & play together for 90 days.

It all starts with a mini-coffee-date, to prioritize your ideas in order of importance and ease.

Then, it’s go-time. You’ll get an email assignment every week, (or everyday it just depends), AND face-to-face,  Skype or phone time saturated in creative brilliance with fully loaded swirling, making and activating that will help you move closer to sweet, sweet completion.

I’m inviting you to show up at your very best; to create and engage in something that transforms your world. (Think projects that take your breath away and a daily life practice that gives you something to brag about.)

Ready to go ga-ga for goals? Write to me here. We’ll chat and set up a start date lickety-split!



90 day project and life lab = 6 Sessions


You will be gobsmacked at how amazing you feel — and how much you can accomplish — when you place yourself in an accelerated creative container. It’s a priceless pile of GOLD, measured in ideas, inspiration, outlines, prompts, and next steps for you. 



Coaching – In – A- Box


 The first in a series of happiness boosters.


This is a tiny program based on the science of happiness. A super, fun e-course designed to motivate and help you focus on easy solutions and increase positivity in your life.



A mini course steeped in optimism with 6 short inspirational how-to videos.

DO IT YOURSELF. On your own time at a fraction of the cost of one on one coaching. It’s fun to use and easy to grasp but loaded with simple life changing lessons.


ZOMG!! This is a short course on raising your happiness ratio, getting and sustaining a positive outlook, and radically transforming the way you think, feel, and act. With small changes you can shift to an entirely different (happier, healthier, and more productive) state of being.



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