Success is Sweetest

“Your support, passion, and no bullshit approach, is such a killer combination. And your method is so creative and exciting in a way that I’ve never, ever found other coaching to be. WOW, wow, wow!” ~ Kana, Career Mentoring Intensive

Hello! I’m Janice. I’m a life coach based in New York.

I help ARTISTS, ACTORS, MAKERS, and SEEKERS start, test, tweak and finish amazing life projects.

This is where you get to translate your amazingness into a tangible, real-world project or life-changing experience. Something so fresh & original, you won’t believe it came out of YOU.

(Hey, so you want to act on Broadway, bike ride through Thailand, or build an Empire? Totally reasonable.)

This is my online home, where all the good stuff happens.

Ha. Who am I kidding? The good stuff happens offline, in real time. But this is where you can get to know me, find out how to WORK & PLAY with me, sign up for NOTES FROM THE TRAIL, and grab a free tool (or two).

I’m so happy you’re here.
Because now we get to make things.
And making things is the sweetest.



A Small Dose Of Sweet Things

Your Karma Rocks

In a time when almost all communication is done through email, text messaging, Twitter and FB – the handwritten note has never felt more deliberate or more dear.


But a handwritten note is rare.


According to the U.S. Postal Service people get one personal letter every other month.

(if that)

Writing a personal note or a letter is an invitation to express ourselves in our own particular way; perhaps no other style of communication is quite so good for this purpose.

(this came in the mail today.)

Plus, writing things down is transformational – and the act of sending a message byway of another – delivery promised (snow, rain, or heat) – is nearly shamanistic – and definitely a sweet act of grace.


When was the last time you sat down and hand-wrote a letter – simply unraveling your thoughts and making your wishes known?

Next time you think about sharing a quote or rushing off a late night meditation through social media – consider slowing it down with some paper and ink – and if you’re so inclined play it forward by including something extra, something special…

w. a lick of a handwritten poem by Lola.

a poetic stanza
a cheeky story
a rough guide

or just a good ol’ fashion, ‘thinking of you kid’.

– No matter what –

the handwritten alternative

penned from love (I heart you so hard)
blessed with hugs and kisses (xo)

rocks your karma…


Goals, Goals, Goals (and making ‘em happen)

Goals are not evil. Goals are pretty sexy. Goals get a bad rap … but I’d like to change all that.


If you’ve got an idea … or a creative project, or a life focus that needs to be simplified & spliced into remarkable wins, earnings, rituals + triumphs … we can work & play together for 30-90 mind-blowing days.

 It all starts with a virtual coffee date, to prioritize your goals in order of importance and ease.

Then, it’s GO time.

You’ll get an inspired-new assignment from me with weekly prompts and check-ins. This way we stay in touch between sessions and keep you on track. AND we’ll ‘meet’ twice a month, all of it getting you closer to sweet, sweet completion.

You’ll be gobsmacked at how amazing you feel — and how much you can accomplish — when you use the big questions, romance the details, and learn how to build, build, build on your natural strengths, instead of fighting against ‘em.

Ready to go ga-ga for goals? Write to me and say hello. Or download this free easy guide.

We’ll chat. Set it up. #Boom.

See you at the starting line!