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“Your support, passion, and no bullshit approach, is such a killer combination. And your method is so creative and exciting in a way that I’ve never, ever found other coaching to be. WOW, wow, wow!” ~ Kana, Career Mentoring Intensive

Hello! I’m Janice. I’m a life coach based in New York.

I help ARTISTS, ACTORS, MAKERS, and SEEKERS start, test, tweak and finish amazing life projects.

This is where you get to translate your amazingness into a tangible, real-world project or life-changing experience. Something so fresh & original, you won’t believe it came out of YOU.

(Hey, so you want to act on Broadway, bike ride through Thailand, or build an Empire? Totally reasonable.)

This is my online home, where all the good stuff happens.

Ha. Who am I kidding? The good stuff happens offline, in real time. But this is where you can get to know me, find out how to WORK & PLAY with me, sign up for NOTES FROM THE TRAIL, and grab a free tool (or two).

I’m so happy you’re here.
Because now we get to make things.
And making things is the sweetest.



A Small Dose Of Sweet Things

The Fresh Start Effect

THE beginning of a new week, the start of a new month, the intensified energy of a new year, and the welcome change of seasons are all positive triggers that can help us redouble our efforts, renew our interests, and get over the sad hump of procrastination.

There’s no one intervention for getting things done. But the fresh start effect is a little known psychological marker used to create headway — according to psychologist Katherine Milkman — it’s a passage of time at the beginning of a new cycle when we feel particularly motivated to tackle a goal.

The fresh start gives us a chance to begin from scratch, let go of tired agendas, manage setbacks, and start over again.

fresh start #2

Here’s 8 favorite prime-times that can be used to start fresh:

The New Year – Contrary to popular belief, the narrative around the New Year resolution is surprisingly productive and worthy of attention. Bring in the re-enforcements—a posse of visionaries and go-getters—and turn this annual ritual into a beautiful success story.

BirthdaysLike a boss. This personal milestone is an ideal time to treat yourself to a radically cool undertaking and pursue a sweet and happy life challenge.

Anniversaries – I’ve known ex-smokers to declare, start, and achieve annual fitness and health goals on the anniversary of their “quit date.” Life is a work in progress and appreciating significant markers is a power move.

Seasons of the Year – The change of seasons is my all-time favorite goal vitamin. Pick a season, choose a goal, and let nature take its course.

WINTER is a season where activity goes within and gives way to slower, deeper, and more contemplative quests.
SPRING is a transitional season, a time of renewal that explodes with life.
SUMMER is a time of light, bold expression; fiery goals; and unreserved action.
AUTUMN is a season of dramatic change. As leaves turn color and days grow shorter, nature tells us in a very poignant way that life is always changing, and it’s time to seize the day.

Quarterly | School + Holiday Breaks – Reframe, review, restore, and refresh long-and short-term projects and adventures. Go. Go deeper than you need.

Monthly | The Next 30 Days – One radically cool goal a month makes for 12 projects a year and a portfolio of WOW! YAS, this’ll give you something to brag about!

Weekly | Monday Prompts + Friday Check-ins – All goals have small independent parts. Each part benefits from weekly attention, love, and affection. So tell me; how will you romance your goals?

Daily | Morning Routines – According to your vision, according to your thoughts, according to your attitude, you get to transform your experience daily. You get to choose. More, Less, or different. (Insert interpretive dance!) THIS. This is where it all begins.

Happy FRESH START, Sweet Unicorns. Go. Enjoy it to the max.


7 Sure-Fire Ways To Hang In There Baby, When The Resolution Doesn’t Look So Hot

It’s the year of the pig. A symbol of wealth and good fortune and auspiciously great timing for those earthy resolutions and goals.

But we’ve come to believe that resolutions don’t work. Don’t rock. Don’t stick.

“Phewy,” we say.

Think again, Unicorns. Studies show that people who do a little mani*festing around their goals do better than those who don’t.

If YOU WANT TO BURN BRIGHT AND RE-IGNITE YOUR GOALS :: Here’s SEVEN sure-fire ways to hang in there, baby, when the resolution doesn’t look so HOT.

1. Sweeping huge projects are cool and important. (I love and encourage Wow Projects.) But accomplishing big w*thout paring it down into small, single, vivid, measurable, doable tasks can slow you down. If you’d like to pull off a big deal, then focus on a set number of tasks, for a set number of days. Limit yourself to one BIGGIE a week.

2. Restore the house where your goal resides. If you’re eager to save big bucks for your next great adventure; your wallet needs to reflect this goal. No credit cards and cash only. If you want to eat healthier and shed a few pounds; stream line and zen-fill your fridge & cupboards with fresh and nourishing food choices. Decide on your goal and its primary environment then upgrade and organize and romance each one until it supports and inspires your success.

3. Accountability rocks. Tell the world what you’re up to. SHOUT IT OUT. Get your friends, family and colleagues on board. Post it on facebook, and twitter, and instagram, join a tribe and watch all your cheerleaders and referee’s surface.

4. Outsource as much self-discipline as possible. Hire a personal trainer. Meet with an exercise buddy. Have a wellness expert overhaul your pantry or consult with you on a meal plan. Combine them all together and your chances increase by 80%.

5. Setbacks happen. Don’t freak out. Don’t over-indulge. Don’t throw in the towel.

Sweat it off.

Now you’re cooking with gas.

6. Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. Ringing In The New Year.


Going without depends on will-power and will-power is a limited resource that burns out from overuse. Switch things up by creating daily experiences that empower and lift up rather than deny and deplete.

7. For every plateau or win celebrate with small rewards. ( Flowers, movies, massages, books, wine + friends) Gold star perks keep the spark alive and make it all worthwhile.


Big and small. More or less. There’s a bounty of ways to tap into the energy of the new year…

Take ONE idea from above. Polish it and make it your own. Or breeze on over to my coaching page and grab An EASY GUIDE to help you show up at your very best and engage in something that transforms your world.

Sending you cheers.
Wishing you peace.
Seeing you thrive.