Success is Sweetest

“Your support, passion, and no bullshit approach, is such a killer combination. And your method is so creative and exciting in a way that I’ve never, ever found other coaching to be. WOW, wow, wow!” ~ Kana, Career Mentoring Intensive

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Hello! I’m Janice. I’m a life coach based in New York.

I help ARTISTS, ACTORS, MAKERS, and SEEKERS start, test, tweak and finish amazing life projects.

This is where you get to translate your amazingness into a tangible, real-world project or life-changing experience. Something so fresh & original, you won’t believe it came out of YOU.

(Hey, so you want to act on Broadway, bike ride through Thailand, or build an Empire? Totally reasonable.)

This is my online home, where all the good stuff happens.

Ha. Who am I kidding? The good stuff happens offline, in real time. But this is where you can get to know me, find out how to WORK & PLAY with me, sign up for NOTES FROM THE TRAIL, and grab a free tool (or two).

I’m so happy you’re here.
Because now we get to make things.
And making things is the sweetest.



A Small Dose Of Sweet Things


A business turnaround
is gritty stuff and often by the time an expert has been called in there’s a dozen fires to put out and a business hanging by a thread.

In walks the ever-feared Tabatha Coffey from Bravo’s oldie but goodie Salon Takeover who grabs hold of a struggling salon and in one week transforms it into a thriving business.

Her advice is edgy and blunt.

She bulldozes her subjects to step up, to get their heads out of their bums, and to take full responsibility.


The situation is always worse than the business owner lets on and self denial and fantasy is often at source.


It’s mind boggling, but guess what, drinking alcohol at work, coming in late with a hangover, and screaming in front of clients and employees is a big-massive blunder.

A filthy work environment is uncool and unorganized systems brings out the beast in people.

Good enough doesn’t cut it. Literally, if you lack the knowledge of basic techniques or skills then its a hobby and not a business.

Baby steps are band-aids.

Sometimes you have to trash it to change it.


What do you have to lose?