|| WORD ||  To get what you really, really want, start by working backwards from a fiercely-big-heartfelt-vision to a weekly or even daily list of tiny activities. Small steps will get you closer and closer to the end game.
Yup. How to further your dreams?  Little by little.
1. Daily habits and routines: Feel the burn. Take the plunge. Seek out small opportunities and momentum.

2. Unexpected miracles + magic: Put your attention on deep play. Deep practice. Shake it up. Pick something challenging and do this at a level that’s almost too hard. Get yourself to the edge.

3. Identifying what you’re tolerating: What’s broken + slowing you down?

4. Brilliant. Now that you know what’s slowing you down, what do you plan to do about it? Always give yourself (three) options: (1)____________ (2)____________(3)____________

5. Visibility:  How will you share your genius?  Who do you want to play with? Who needs to know what you’ve been up to?
You don’t need to know where you are going when you start.
Just begin.

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