|| WORD || Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before. ~ Joseph Campbell

What if in every encounter and every situation and every lesson there’s an alternate possibility just waiting to materialize.

In a dream state we get a glimpse of these realities and when these visions appear, they can work through us and take form in our daily actions and routines.

A vision is not something we invent it is something we serve. 

A vision is something that inspires us in the moment.

A vision can come as a whisper.

Here’s Three Practices That Will Help You Nourish + Protect Your Observations

1. Create space: allow for quiet moments. Daydream. Take walks.

2. Intention + attention: make yourself fully available to creative impulses. Protect your time. Especially in the early hours of the day. Be willing to respond.

3. Paper + pen: an inspiring thought is like a seed, and for it to grow it needs to be planted, nurtured, and revisited often. We can only do this if we actually remember it.

A good way to anchor a vision is to invite it in and act on it.

a. Ask ‘what?’ When looking at a specific situation, what would you like to see happen?

b. Ask ‘how?’ How do you see this materializing? Describe as many possible creative pathways as possible.

c. Ask about ‘your role?’ What can I do *now* , what small steps can I take in the next 24 hours to help the vision/observation start to sprout?

A powerful mental shift takes place when we stop telling ourselves why something can’t happen. As you trust yourself and your observations, you will receive the support of many allies and helpers who want to play a role in the power of manifestation.

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