A great checklist can help you stay on point and should be easy to use even in the most difficult situations. 

Below are some category ideas: Feel free to make up and add your own.

Do use this checklist as a weekly action reminder.
Do pick tasks that are doable given your current lifestyle.
Don’t be a super-hero or an over-promiser. You want to feel a bit of push but not a rough shove.

  1. PROJECT A (Break your current project into 10 simple steps, actions, or benchmarks.)
  2. READ/RESEARCH (Spend a certain amount of time each week reading or researching. Arrange to read different things.)
  3. COMPLETE SOMETHING (Resolve a business problem or an unfinished personal task each week.)
  4. MASTERY (Learn something new each week about how to do your project/work better.)
  5. EXPERIMENT/TAKE RISKS (Do something radical or experimental each week.)
  6. NETWORKING/COMMUNITY BUILDING (Introduce yourself to one important person each week.)
  7. DON’TS (Identify what you really want to stop doing — things like surfing the net, eating too much sugar, overspending, complaining and making excuses.)
  8. EXTREME SELF CARE (Do something important each week to take much better care of yourself.)
  9. CREATIVITY(Feed the muse. Make something each week. Get your creative juices flowing. )
  10. TOLERATIONS (What is slowing you down? Name and eliminate one source of dissatisfaction a week.)
  11. IMPROVE COMMUNICATION (Gather good information and give good information. Take one action a week to improve what and how you share .)
  12. SELF MARKETING (Market your talents each week in a new and interesting way.)
  13. INITIATE (Wait for and follow no one.)
  14. EXERCISE (Get physical, exercise in an area that makes you stronger in everyway.)
  15. EXPAND YOUR BEST EFFORTS (Be strategic, raise the bar, select a better goal, find a shortcut, or a time saving tool.)
  16. SPIRITUAL BLISS (Honor your inklings and take the path of least resistance at least once a week.)
  17. FULFILLMENT(Make the most of what you already have and hang out with people who are fulfilled or well on their path.)
  18. MAGIC (When you want something you get it easily. Affirm daily: Life is beautiful. Life is breezy. 
  19. POSITIVES (From just getting by to having a healthy reserve of time, love, money, and space.
  20. APPRECIATION(Dole it out by the truck loads.)

** Optional (Make a grid. Print out copies and use it as a visual display.)

BOOM, now you’re takin’ over.

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