1. Meditate:: It changes your brain (in a good way.) It spikes your happiness. It boosts your immune system. It makes you smarter and more compassionate. And it ups your productivity.
  2. Make your bed:: Getting into a well-made bed feels really good. And it’s one habit that can lead to other really good habits.
  3. Pack a lunch:: Packing wins every time. Money saved and you know exactly what you’re getting.
  4. Develop an idea:: Just shaping an idea can improve your ability to grasp opportunities and see the potential in something unusual. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Mess around. Obsess with unusual details. Let your brain navigate this wild new world.
  5. Read:: Reading a couple pages from a good book will get the creative juices flowing, the heart engaged, and your knowledge base growing.
  6. Feel the burn:: Ten minute workouts herehere, and here.
  7. Send a hand written note to a friend:: They feel good. You feel good. And it sparks creativity.
  8. Power up:: String several 10 minute projects or activities together and call it a beautiful day.

Try it. For the next 7 days paint, take a picture, write, learn a few new words, anything can easily be broken down  into short doable chunks. Yep, in just ten minutes you workout, you save a little money, your brain lights up, you feel confident, and you really, really enjoy your hobbies. This is how we roll.

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